Cast aluminum

Referring to aluminum alloy, everyone knows it well, aluminum alloy is used to make many products with beautiful designs that have the products that we use in everyday life. They have to go through various stages of material casting.

Aluminum alloy is one of the metals that can be cast by many methods such as pressure casting, metal casting, sand casting, plaster molding, melt casting, continuous casting and also can be applied in casting. flowing sample.

Today, to make parts, people often use aluminum alloys because of factors such as cheap price, high feasibility and good quality.

We can cast aluminum alloy in many ways:

-Molding metal molds

Metal casting gives us very high mechanical properties, more perfect casting, but also applies to metals that have high fluidity and are resistant to hot cracking.

Some types of aluminum alloys commonly used in metal casting:

+ 366: Manufacture of cars ist

+ 355.0, C355.0, A357.0: gearbox, aviation, some rocket components (details requiring high durability)

+ 356.0, A356.0 Parts of machine tools, aircraft wheels, pump parts, etc.

– Sand casting

Sand casting we can make bigger, more complicated parts because we can make the intestines.

-Folding of burnt samples

-Folding thin shell